The Art Therapy Studio is the oldest creative arts therapy program of its kind in the country. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for those with physical, cognitive, or emotional challenges through the therapeutic use of art. We use art making led by credentialed art therapists to promote healing and wellness.


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Celebrating 49 years of healing and inclusiveness with art Loan fundraiser

Art Therapy Studio, the oldest art therapy organization of its kind in the country, will host its bi-annual art exhibition and fundraiser, Art Loan, September 23 at Shaker Heights Country Club. Proceeds from this event directly support its pioneering Discover the Artist Within You community program and 23 custom art therapy programs at agencies across Northeast Ohio. Tickets can be purchased online here.

Art Therapy Studio is dedicated to making art accessible and meaningful to every individual, including those with physical, cognitive, or emotional challenges. The goal of its Art Loan fundraiser is to celebrate the creation of art regardless of perceived limitations. Art Loan will feature select pieces from the Studio’s George Streeter Circulating Collection which contains over 200 works of art contributed by renowned artists such as Salvador Dali, recognized Cleveland area artists such as Viktor Schreckengost, as well as by art therapists and individuals who have participated in the Studio’s therapeutic art programs since 1967.

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Adrianne has always been a creative person with an independent spirit and an interest in the arts. In the early 1990s she was managing a full life; working, finishing her second degree, and running a small fabric-painting business. Everything was put on hold the day she learned she had cancer. Through the years that would follow, she felt she lost herself in the process of getting well. “I was hindered by my health issues. It was a real battle,” she said.

After years of focusing on her physical health, Adrianne felt ready to take herself to a new level – where she was focusing on her emotional state-of-being as well as her physical. Something clicked when she was introduced to art therapy. “When I discovered art therapy it opened my eyes to the true beauty of art and the healing effect it had on me,” she said. Art therapy rekindled her creativity and allowed her to rediscover her passion. She found that art energizes her and keeps her in the moment. She says her troubles and worries cease to exist when she is in the process of creating.

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Going through any kind of medical treatment is never an easy process. In any capacity, whether you’re being treated or a loved one is getting medical attention, the procedure can be difficult for everyone involved. That’s why our relationship with MetroHealth is essential.

In February 2016 we expanded our work with MetroHealth Medical Center into the oncology department. Director of Arts in Medicine Linda Jackson stressed her appreciation for the wonderful, long history between the Art Therapy Studio and MetroHealth as well as her pride for the recent expansion into cancer care.

The expansion into the Oncology Department involves running five hours a day for three days a week. Visiting with the 15-20 patients who participate is Sarah Morgan, an Art Therapy Studio art therapist who is equally thrilled about the new care being provided. Sarah conducts art therapy with individuals and some groups who are receiving chemotherapy at MetroHealth.

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EVENTS and shows

Lynn Lee

Cleveland public library art show

Thursday, December 15, 2016
5:00pm – 7:00pm
East 131st St Branch of Cleveland Public Library

Cleveland Public Library’s 131st Street branch is celebrating their Art Therapy Studio classes and clients with an art show. The show will highlight the pieces created in the Discover the Artist Within You classes hosted at the Library.

Free and open to the public
E. Franklin


Progressive Insurance has selected Art Therapy Studio to be featured in their annual charity art show and sale, The Art of Giving. Pieces were submitted by clients, and approximately 40 works were selected to be in a private show at the world headquarters of Progressive Insurance.

This private show will launch on December 8, and Progressive employees will have the opportunity to purchase the artwork on display.

“Tray: Violet and Black” clay piece by E. Franklin