2017 holiday appeal

Throughout 2017 we have celebrated Fifty Years of Making Art with Meaning in honor of our 50th anniversary. We are so very grateful for the support of our donors this year and every year, allowing us to continue the legacy of our founders as we provide meaningful art therapy services that impact the greater Cleveland community.

As we look to the close of our anniversary year, we ask you to give a financial donation in support of our Discover the Artist Within You Program (DTA). DTA is a series of community classes that allow individuals from all backgrounds and income levels to experience the healing benefits of art therapy. Participants join the DTA program to improve their well-being and cope with physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges.

Thanks to the generosity of donors we have already received over $38,000 in gifts in honor of our anniversary year, leaving just $12,000 remaining to reach our goal of $50,000. Please give today to help clients like Lamont to experience the benefits of art therapy.

Cat's Cradle, by Lamont

Cat’s Cradle, by Lamont

lamont makes art with meaning

Flood, by Lamont

Flood, by Lamont

 Lamont uses art to express his emotions and make sense of the world around us. For three years he has participated in the Art Therapy Studio’s DTA program at our Fairhill Studio. In DTA he has learned techniques for putting his feelings on paper and sharing his own experience with the rest of the world.

Retired from a career in architectural drafting, Lamont came to the Art Therapy Studio with experience in design. However, he had never used his talents to create pieces of visual art or to express himself through art.  Since discovering his talents and learning more about using various techniques, Lamont has embraced expressing himself through art and has used his pieces to help others better understand his view of the world. He is often inspired by global and national events and politics. Many of his pieces are expressions of his feelings toward the current challenges facing our country and the world.

At the Art Therapy Studio, Lamont can create art in a therapeutic setting with a focus on the process of art-making. Lamont benefits from connections with his art therapists and with other students in his classes. He enjoys getting to know other students and understanding their backgrounds and challenges. In May of this year Lamont was one of several participants who displayed art in a show at the Beachwood Community Center. At the show he sold two of his pieces, marking his first art sales.

As Lamont continues to produce meaningful pieces, he hopes that his art will help others understand his world view and his life’s experiences.

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