Programs and Services

The Art Therapy Studio was established to make the arts available to persons with special
needs, who would otherwise not have access to these services.  As a part of our mission, we
also offer a variety of education programs on the unique therapeutic benefits of the arts.  
Throughout its history, the Art Therapy Studio  has dedicated itself to increasing public
awareness of the healing power of art.

The Art Therapy Studio serves over 1,800 people each year, specializing in programs and
services for:

  • Children and adults who are physically disabled, medically and emotionally ill
  • Individuals seeking a wholeness/wellness approach to healing with a special
    emphasis on older adults
  • Professionals who serve special needs clients, through consultation and education
    programs designed to encourage creative thinking and alternative solutions to
    problem solving and healing

Over the years, we have identified ways that art uniquely answers people's needs. In a
creative, supportive, activity based environment, art provides an alternative outlet for feelings
and ideas. The process and images speak for us when words are not enough.
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